I fell off.

Sorry everyone. I lost touch with my inner writer for a while, due to unforeseen circumstances. Truthfully, I just haven’t felt inspired to write this past year. The tides have turned, fortunately, and I’ve felt the burning flame of constant thought flowing out of me lately. Hoping to write some interesting new blog posts soon. 🕉️☯️☮️

True friendship. 

True friendship. 

Real friends don’t ask, ‘What’s in it for me?,’ or wonder how much they can get from you. They certainly don’t worry about formalities. Real friends WANT to help. They want to be there for you. You can comfortably confide in one another. True friends don’t hold grudges, or make you feel bad about small, meaningless things. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about a close friend judging you, or talking badly about you. Yes, true friends are rare, and hard to come by. If you make a true friend, hold their friendship near and dear, and don’t ever take them for granted. 

Facts about me

1. I LOVE YA fiction, and I’m a sucker for paranormal romance, dystopian and the occasional simple romance or thriller. 

2. I have a MAJOR addiction to sweets and sugar. I have to have something sweet daily, or I’ll get really irritable. I feel like that’s the main contribution for my weight, plus my love for fried foods, and junk. (I can’t hardly afford to eat out, so I don’t often, but I do enjoy sweets.)

3. Swimming is one of my all time favorite things in the world. I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. I guess that’s a cliché. Lol. But I LOVE the water. I just feel so free. 

4. I’ve always been fascinated with birds. I’ve always wanted one, but never got one as a child. So, now to compensate, I’m a crazy bird lady, and I just want them all. Lol. 

5. I had a hard childhood. My real dad committed suicide when I was very young, and I only met him a couple of times as a baby, and toddler. My step-dad was abusive, and tried to kill me at fourteen. I’ve always been sort of scared of men, and my husband is the kindest, gentlest soul who calms me. He taught me not all men are out to hurt me. 

6. If I go to the movies, I HAVE to have a popcorn, extra butter, with a  cherry coke. Preferably some chocolate to go with it, lol. 

7. Got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and while the diagnosis answered a lot of questions, it also changed my life in a big way. 

8. They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. I’m wondering then, why I don’t feel like Hercules? I’ve been hit by a truck, held hostage with a shotgun, and beaten within an inch of my life, just to name a few. 

9. I’m materialistic. I love nice things. Designer and luxury brands make me happy. They’re my guilty pleasure. I’m also okay with generic brands. Have to be, when you’re broke. Lol. 

10. I’m very unorganized. I’ve always had trouble putting things back where they belong. I’ve been called messy, and a slob. 

There you have it. Ten very honest facts about me. More later, perhaps. If anyone wants to share their facts, feel free. 

Fibro Fighters

Just a collection of fibromyalgia related memes and images that I hope my fellow fibro warriors can relate to. #fibrofighter #fibromyalgia #invisibleillness #dontjudgewhatyoudontunderstand #lifetimebattle #staystrong 💜

New Year. 

​I don’t need a new year to make changes. In fact, I’ve began to make changes in my life well over a year ago. People overuse the whole,  “New year, new me,” line, and it gets a little embarrassing. I feel you shouldn’t need a new year to motivate change. If you feel your life needs change, what better time than the present? After all, are we granted tomorrow? No, it’s a gift, and we shouldn’t waste it. Sometimes people need gradual change. Dramatic change isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Just as long as you’re making improvements. With that being said, Happy New Year, all. 🙂 


​Man, it sure comes with a hell of a stigma, doesn’t it? Particularly here in the South, where it’s labeled as the “devil’s lettuce.”  Just a thought. 

When you ask a lot of people down here in Kentucky how they feel about marijuana, they are quick to demonize it, and label it as a “bad drug.”

It’s not uncommon to hear talk about being a gateway drug. Yeah…gateway to the fridge, perhaps… And happiness, and pain relief. 
Bad drug? What about the insane amount of medicine I take regularly to feel” just okay?” Naturally, we’re conditioned to believe there is nothing wrong with those pharmaceuticals, because they were prescribed to us by a doctor. So… They must be safe, right? Wrong. There are so many terrible side effects I suffer through and endure, that sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it, and at the same time I’ve become so dependent on this medicine. In fact, I experience dramatic side effects at times, if I don’t take my medicine. But this is healthy, right? Only because it’s “legal.” 
They hesitate to legalize it because they know pharmacies and “big pharma” will lose a significant amount of business. However, the jails and prisons are grossly overrun by people with charges that are simply ridiculous. Legalizing it everywhere, as shown in California, will produce revenue, keep people out of jail, and will actually help build our economy. God forbid… 
There have been so many studies backing up that there are an endless amount of benefits that stem from marijuana (no pun intended), and I feel like our government would rather us suffer and buy medicines we depend upon you function in normal society. Meanwhile, in places such as California, you can qualify for a medical card (as well as use recreationally) without a care in the world. The benefits are endless. It relieves pain, nausea, migraine headaches, mental disorders such as PTSD, bipolar disorder, it helps fibromyalgia patients.. The list goes on and on. It’s frustrating to me that something so beneficial and good for your wellbeing can be banned, yet alcohol (highly addictive with very few benefits, with the exception of a glass of wine for heart health), and cigarettes (been shown to be more addictive than methamphetamine, no benefits, and it can affect others) can be purchased legally and freely. 
Maybe one day, we can legalize it in all states so that so many people can experience relief in many different ways without the stigma and fear behind it. 
End rant. Peace out.